Ode to a Discussion Thread

There was a discussion thread that wouldn’t die
It wouldn’t slink away, nor say good bye
It skirmished to the left,
and skedaddled to the right
It hopped, skipped, and jumped
and then took flight.

Were there words of wisdom on this thread?
Did posters learn something new for their head?
Did they flock to this thread
because it offered fresh views?
Nope. They came to this thread
to get an ego boost.

Round and round and round they went
twisting other peoples’ words until they were bent.
And slowly, inexorably, the posters began
to transform into bickering, badgering trolls
smirking, smug, and pompous –
most unhappy souls.

What could save them? What could bring back
the folks they were before their heads got hacked?
There was an answer. There was a solution.
It started with one hah in the back of the room
a poster laughed at himself –
he saw he’d been a buffoon.

And soon the thread was full of guffawtles and chorts
as one-by-one the posters emerged as good sports.
“I can’t believe I said that!” said one, wiping her eyes.
“Did I really say that unless they thought just like me
they were wrong and irrational
and needed me for the key?”

And so there was laughter
and happy everly after
and the forum-land was filled
with good will to the rafters.

The End.

Dueling seagulls



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