There Soars Love

There Soars Love

Above personal right, and personal
wrong – above ego and pride and the
short of it and the long, and hurt and
shame and guilt and blame, and one
upmanship and the finger-pointing,
scape-goating game – there rises Love.

Above fear-filled ignorance – bigotry
and the petty – above resentment,
self-righteous judgment – and being ready
to bristle and show outrage and stay
imprisoned in a lonely
cage – there wings Love.

Above punishment and revenge –
and he-said, she-said offends, above
“I’m better than you, and richer, and
have bigger muscles, too” – above
busybodying and bullying and uncaring
apathetic lulling – there soars Love.

Untouched. Unfettered. Flying free and above.
That’s where we find Love…

-Karen Molenaar Terrell


photo by Karen Molenaar Terrellย 



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