Good Guys and Bad Guys

The Good Guys and Bad Guys

I do not like “them” in my town
I do not like “them” all around
“They” all are that, and all are this
we’ll put them on our “scary” list.

“They” all are full of mean and hate
If “we” don’t watch they’ll climb our gates
They want to hurt “us” – want to harm,
– It’s time for “us” to feel alarm.

Let’s ban together, show our might
before THEY come and get US, right?
Except –
now it seems the bad guys and good
are blurring together in our ‘hood.

Who IS the good and who the bad?
Have we all gone completely mad?!
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

“Who is thine enemy that thou shouldst love him? Is it a creature or a thing outside thine own creation? Can you see an enemy, except you first formulate this enemy and then look upon the object of your own conception?… Simply count your enemy to be that which defiles, defaces, and dethrones the Christ-image that you should reflect.”
– Mary Baker Eddy

enemy image


2 thoughts on “Good Guys and Bad Guys

  1. Love this! It has this wonderful playfulness plus potency of a Dr Seuss or Shel Silverstein ~ getting to the heart of the matter in a way that speaks to all ages of our fear of other ~ very delish and devilish!

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