“Oh geeze. This is going to be one of those God-things.”

Yeah. This one is going to have God stuff in it. Sorry. I just gotta.

So yesterday I took myself on a most excellent little hike in the North Cascades  (the Table Mountain trail). We (me and I) were feeling a little selfish because we brought no one else with us. But me and I were feeling the need for some alone time yesterday.

A couple miles from the Heather Meadows parking lot (where the trail begins) I saw a couple of hitch-hikers, and pulled over to see if I could be of help. Alice and Sally asked if they could snag a lift up to Heather Meadows with me – they planned to hike back down to their car from there. I said sure and they got into Rosalita Ipswich O’Molenovich (my Ford Fiesta) for the short ride up to the parking lot. We exchanged particulars  – they were from Whidby Island and were planning to finish the Chain Lakes trail that day. I told them I don’t always feel comfortable about picking up hitch-hikers – but they looked pretty harmless. There was this little pause, and then I added, “Of course, it’s the harmless-looking ones they tell you to watch out for…” and Sally and Alice started laughing.

Once we got to the parking lot they let me take their picture before they headed out on their adventure:


Alice Sally

Alice and Sally

And then I started on my own hike up Table Mountain…

Table Mountain luminex (2)

Table Mountain

The trail is pretty steep – but it’s a short hike, and I soon found myself on top.

And here’s where the God stuff comes in. As I was tromping around up there – butterflies landing on my shoe, my eyes full of blue skies and magnificent vistas – I became aware of a playful, loving presence with me – what I would call “God.” I realized I wasn’t really alone – that I’m never really alone – that this presence of Love has always been with me, and always would be. And then I thought of my old hiking partner – my cousin, Skip, who passed on 15 or 20 years ago – and, in that moment, I felt close to him – like he was with me, too. In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy writes: “In Science, individual good derived  from God, the infinite All-in-all, may flow from the departed to mortals…” – and that’s what it felt like – it felt like Skip’s joy was reaching out to me, up there on that trail. But it wasn’t just Skip I was feeling this connection with – it was bigger than that. It was cosmic, universal. A connection with all Life.

Anyway. So that’s the God stuff.

And here are some more pictures from my day…

12 thoughts on ““Oh geeze. This is going to be one of those God-things.”

  1. Thank you, Karen for illuminating a niggle I’ve been living with lately. To wit…the thought many have that our loved ones are watching over us after they have left the earth. Further in S&H from your quote MBE says, “Not personal intercommunion but divine law is the communicator of truth, health, and harmony to earth and humanity.”
    For me this is further proof that man is indeed spiritual and always has been. Death does not change the fact that man is immortal and Life is eternal.
    And I am reminded that “the good attendant upon spiritual individuality is immortal. Existing here and now, this unseen individuality is real…” And being real, of course it comes flowing to us as you described.

  2. wow.so enjoy your writings and so very inspirational… think i need to do a solo hike like you… YOU ROCK it…. lov, mary ann

  3. I just got back from a 4 day Appalachian trail hike in Massachusetts and finally had a day like yours! We got to camp on the 3rd day and we had all these black/purple butterflies flying around. One kept landing on my friends backpack. Then there was a chunky chipmunk that kept popping out from a tree stump and a bird walking all around camp, scurrying for food. I was surprised how close they got to us! It was the first time in a while that I really had a great day on the trail 🙂

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