I Just Want Her to be Happy

I took the kitty in to be spayed –
this is the bouncing-off-the-furniture cat
the climbing-the-windows cat
the gymnastical flipping cat
and the vet said she had
a heart murmur.

Tests could be performed.
EKG.  Ultrasound.

And I thought about this.
Do I really want my kitty to spend
her short kitty-life in and out of
vet’s offices, sedated, drugged,
surrounded by fear?

I just want my cat to be happy.

So I said no to the procedures
and brought her home. Where we
are struggling to keep her from bouncing
off the walls long enough for her
to heal from her spaying.

I am not going to invest any more time
or emotion in speculation and diagnoses
of this thing or that thing, fatal
possibilities for my cat (or myself
or my world).
I refuse to be impressed with death
or live in fear of disease and loss –
like death is the worst thing and
long life is always the goal.

I want more
than long life for my cat.
I want her to be fear-free.
I want her to know love.

I just want her to be happy.

– Karen Molenaar Terrell



2 thoughts on “I Just Want Her to be Happy

  1. Claire was diagnosed with a heart murmur at age 2 when I adopted her. My previous dog, Gizmo, was diagnosed with a heart murmur much later in life but lived to be 14 … our sweet pets are loved and cherished and live a happy life and even have been known to have CS healing(s) and we give them the best possible care, whatever that may or may not include, what counts is the love given and received

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