My Safety Pin

Overcast sky last night – clouds covering
my part of Earth. I look up, searching
for some glimmer of light in the dark
and a tiny hole opens up to reveal one
twinkling little star, sparkling greetings
to me from the deep universe.

I attach to my coat a safety pin covered
in beads of rainbow and brown and black
given me by my friend, Heidi, and head
out to the boardwalk for my morning walk.
A bi-racial couple walks past – black man,
white woman – and I smile and ask,
“Are we okay?” The man answers confidently,
without hesitation, “Yes, we’re alright!”
And the woman nods her head once –
emphatically. And I can tell they mean it.
And it gives me courage.

A man approaches – a tall man, white,
handsome in a Benedict Cumberbatch way –
and a train whistles from the tracks and I
turn my head to the train and when I look
back the man locks his eyes on mine, and
smiles a smile filled with courage and kindness,
and says, “Good morning!” and I know he has
seen my safety pin covered in rainbow beads
and black and brown, and I smile courage and
kindness back to him, and we pass.

I wore my safety pin to show I stand with my
brothers and sisters – to reassure my fellow beings
that they’re not alone.
But they showed ME I’m not alone.

A star glimmered in the sky for me. People smiled
on the boardwalk. And I heard the words,”We’re alright.”



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