The lawn is crunchy and glittering
Christmas lights sparkle from houses
all along the road – the neighbors
are doing their part to add
to the Christmas spirit.

I walk to my next-door neighbor’s
to spend an evening making Christmas
tags with her. She has all kinds
of way cool gizmos for creating tags –
a star cutter, snowflake cutter,
reindeer cutter.
We emboss, clip, and paste.

It’s peaceful and restful –
therapeutic – as we work
quietly next to each other – focused
on creating our Christmas tags.

When I’ve finished, I give my friend
a hug and thank her for including me
in her evening of Christmas-creating.
Then I walk back across the crunchy
lawn and show-off my Christmas
art to Scott – who is, of course,
hugely impressed.

– Karen Molenaar Terrell


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