Christmas Vignette

The snow was falling on the other side
of the window while our Christmas tree’s
lights sparkled in the foreground
John Denver’s Aspenglow filled
the living room and our cat scampered
through the house, batting
a Christmas decoration in front of her.

We went for a walk to the cemetery. A
red-breasted sapsucker peeked around a
tree at me and then posed for me as I
snapped his photo.

We fetched Moz and Dad from their retirement
community and brought them back
to our home. Dad went right to the dining
room table to work on a new watercolor
of Mount Rainier while Moz settled
in front of the fire blazing in the woodstove,
a cup of lemon ginger tea at her elbow,
and Sleepless in Seattle with closed caption
on the television. The dog came up and nuzzled
Moz, and licked her chin, and Moz squeeled
and laughed in delight.

Dad finished his work for the day and
left the watercolor to dry. He joined Moz
in front of the fire, in front of the television,
put his feet on the ottoman, and settled in
to watch Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks
discover love, while I added bittersweet
chocolate and milk and sugar to a pot,
chopped walnuts, and made the Christmas
fudge Moz taught me to make when I was
a youngster and she was younger than I am now.
The room is filled with the smell of chocolate,
and Jimmy Durante singing, “Make Someone Happy.”

And then back in the car, through the snow,
past Christmas lights,  love filling the car. We
are floating in a rainbow-hued bubble of
warmth and joy.

It has been a magic day.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell




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