Thinking Flat

Thinking Flat

Too much. One stress following another.
Thinking flat. Push the thoughts down
still and level. Hills and valleys as seen
from space. Spread out before me – a
wider perspective. Breathe. Take this
moment to the next one. And through.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell


2 thoughts on “Thinking Flat

  1. Water isn’t ‘flat’ — it just adjusts itself to suit whatever hole it finds itself in.

    Love, like water, also fills all the empty places.

    I know, from deep personal experience, the desire to “turtle”, to crawl into your own shell and be protected from the battering forces, when we get overwhelmed. I see that you’ve gone dark on Facebook again. But know that your friends love you, and want to fill all those holes in and around you with our love.

    Breathe deep, and feel that Love.

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