I’m pretty sure the photo of the laughing Mongolian girl was taken as the little girl and her camel-friend watched me try to get on the back of another camel. Where to sit? In front of the hump or on top of it?…Nah, just kidding…I have never ridden on a camel in my entire life.

This little girl expresses pure joy, doesn’t she? She has it, right now. Note that there isn’t a Porsche or BMW in the background, that the horizon isn’t filled with five-star restaurants, supermarkets, department stores, or mansions. We see a little girl and a camel – both of ’em laughing – and that simple scene has the power to make us smile.

Viva la laughter!


(Couldn’t find the name of the photographer who took this picture – but God bless him or her – he/she caaptured a wonderful moment, for sure!)

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