“How can I keep from singing?”

…my thoughts started opening up to flashes of the good going on around me – trumpeter swans in flight – the underside of their wings catching the last of the sunlight – reflections of hills and trees in the water – and then – there was that moment when the beauty and joy around me completely filled my thoughts and was within me – when the hurry and panic had no room in my consciousness – and I was filled with such joy – just for being alive – for being able to witness swans and eagles and reflections of light – for music and kindness – for the joy of joy…

Scenes from Bellingham Bay

After a week of dark, cloudy, rainy days it seemed forever since we’d seen the sun.  And then – a miracle! – the sun broke through the clouds yesterday while I was at work. I really, really hoped there’d still be time to catch the last of its rays after I left the office.  Driving home  –  before I was sure if I was going to be able to make it to Bellingham Bay or not – and before I was sure I was going to get there before all the daylight was gone – I was feeling a sense of hurry – traveling behind another car and depending on him to keep the pace. I’d put George and Charles‘s CD Into the Day into my car’s CD player – and as I turned onto the homestretch  “How can I keep from singing?” began playing   – and with the…

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