A Walk with Beth on the Boardwalk

In loving memory of my friend, Beth Brown: “Pretty soon I saw a lone woman coming towards me and as she got closer I recognized one of my boardwalk friends, Beth. I asked her if she’d like a mocha and a scone – and she grinned and said sure.”

Scenes from Bellingham Bay

canoe dog

I had a most marvelous morning.

I got to Bellingham just in time to see Santa’s elves – aka Cami (owner of Whimsey, http://www.shopwhimsey.com/about.html) and her crackerjack team of helpers (including the folks from Chuckanut Builders) dismantling the Christmas “forest” that Cami and Friends set up on Fairhaven Green for the holidays every year.  While I was on the Green, I noticed a fellow sitting on a bench who looked like he maybe could use a nice warm cup of coffee – he said a mocha would be fine and thanked me – and I went to fetch it from Tony’s Coffee Shop. On my way to Tony’s I passed another soul who looked like she could use a coffee to warm her up – I told her I was on a coffee run and asked her if she’d like a mocha, and she nodded her head yes.


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