T’was Two Weeks Afore Christmas

T’was Two Weeks Afore Christmas

T’was two weeks afore Christmas and all through Eff Bee
not a creature was stirring – not a she, he, or me
We were prostrate and spent from the holiday bustle
not a twitch could be seen from the teeniest muscle.

We lay all unblinking in our respective beds
while visions of gift-wrapping swirled through our heads
And clad in our jammies and our way cool madcaps
we had the vague hopeful hope our bodies would take naps.

Holiday jangles and jingles pinged through our brains –
Presley, Crosby, and Mathis taking us down memory lanes –
and would we remember every member to be gifted?
We mentally went through our lists, hoping none were omitted.

There were homes to be decorated and cards to be sent,
parties, caroling, and cookie-making, and we hadn’t made a dent.
But with a collective sigh we remembered there and then
that it’s really about good will to all creatures, women, and men.

And so our thoughts finally settled and our bodies relaxed
as we thought of those we love and a world festooned in pax.
With our hearts wrapped in kindness and the world as our ‘hood
We’re all brethren and sistren – and verily, it’s all good!

– Karen Molenaar Terrell, from The Madcap Christian Scientist’s Christmas Book)

photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell


6 thoughts on “T’was Two Weeks Afore Christmas

  1. Is it really 2 weeks before Christmas?
    If it is I’m in trouble.
    I have not yet unpacked a single bauble.
    The stockings are still packed away in a box,
    and there are piles of leaves to be swept on the sidewalk.

    I have sent my cards out,
    so there is that going for me,
    But I have no intentions of hauling out our Christmas Tree.
    If I had my way, I would simply ignore
    This holiday season with stresses galore.

      • Make it through December? I’m more concerned about making it through Monday… it is not yet 7 am, and I’ve already been up for 2+ hours.

      • It was 4:30 here, sneezing child needed MOMMY. Packages got sent off just before Thanksgiving to avoid getting caught in international customs delays, and because if I sent off one, why not just send them all?

        Spent today at work, and then solo-parenting until late. Have given up, ordering pizza for dinner tonight. Picking my battles.

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