Lincoln and Bush in the Same Lump?!

The weapons of bigotry, ignorance, envy, fall before an honest heart.
– Mary Baker Eddy

This will maybe tell you something about me. When President Obama got elected the first time and my friends and I were all excited and celebrating, someone – or probably a bunch of someones – said how awesome it was that we had finally elected an African-American to be our president. And – honest to goodness – up until that moment this hadn’t even occurred to me. When I voted for Barack Obama I was just voting for the person I thought was going to make the best POTUS. His race had never entered into any of my political conversations or been any kind of factor for me in deciding that I would like him sitting in the Oval Office.

Just as I don’t believe people should be denied equal rights because of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, non-religion, or sexual orientation – I don’t believe we should vote someone into the presidency just BECAUSE of her or his race, ethnicity, gender, religion, non-religion, or sexual orientation. There is too much at stake to focus on a person’s color or gender as a deciding factor in a presidential election.

So when I came across this while internet surfing, I was… well, “dismayed” might be the right word…

old bald white guys

emoji art by Laura Olin

To lump all “white guys” into one big monolithic group doesn’t feel right to me. To put Abraham Lincoln in the same lump as, say, George W. Bush, is… well, it’s a little appalling, isn’t it? To paint FDR with the same brush as Herbert Hoover just because they both happened to be males is, I believe, a kind of bigotry.

If we’re going to vote for a woman for President, it would be awfully nice if we did it for the right reasons rather than just because she happens to have two x chromosomes. To vote for a woman just because she happens to be a female seems… well, in a roundabout way it’s disrespectful to the female candidate.

Okay. That’s all I have to say about this, I guess.

Carry on then…

1 thought on “Lincoln and Bush in the Same Lump?!

  1. Love it!! But, I confess when I saw that picture with all of the white guys and then a black man and a woman… I thought… PROGRESS!!!!!! I thought it signified release from the “this is the way we do things” mentality. I voted from President Obama. It was the first time I had not voted Republican, but. like you, I have always tried to vote for the person that best characterized what I consider to be high moral values, intelligence and integrity. WE should be grateful for all who have that challenging position. You are right though about lumping them all together… my point is that we see a breakaway from the thinking that we have a white male President… PERIOD!!!! .George Bush faced the biggest challenge our country has faced since Roosevelt’s dilemma in 1941. I admire him for being a good human being and for serving in an unbelievably difficult period. Nixon about singlehandedly brought us into a better relationship with China, Ford showed such dignity and grace as he stepped in for Nixon, Truman faced the horrible prospect of Japan continuing to slaughter through southeastern Asia or using the A Bomb, and on and on. I regret that we haven’t seemed to be able to nominate someone of such character as we have had in the past. The government is on HIS shoulders so I am trying to “keep the faith”!!!

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