This Planet Has Her Own Stamps!

As I discovered this afternoon when I went to buy stamps at the little post office near Moz and Dad’s place, the United States Postal Service, possibly anticipating the kerfuffle that might arise from a riled-up riffraff, has shown remarkable good sense in issuing a very special stamp.

There were several different styles of stamps to choose from at the post office: there were the traditional “Old Glory” stamps, some National Park stamps, and an offering of planet stamps, too. I had a hard time choosing between the National Park stamps and planet stamps – but finally went with the planet stamps. “You only get 16 stamps with the planets,” the postal chap told me, “but you can get four more if you buy the Pluto stamps.”

“Oh!” I cried eagerly, when he brought out the Pluto stamps. “Oh! Yes – I’d like some Pluto stamps to go with the other planet stamps, please.”

And this is when the postal chap informed me that, by the way, Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

“I am a member of The Society of Upholders of Righteous Indignation over the Egregious Demotion of the Planetary Status of our Glorious Pluto group on Facebook,” I told him in a huff, “and no one has the right to take away Pluto’s title.”

After a moment’s thought the postal chap had to agree with me. Who did those scientists think they were, anyway?! Who decided THEY should be the ones who determine what constitutes a planet and what does not?! Right?!

Right. Once a planet, always a planet, I say.

And how cool is it that the USPS gave Pluto its very own stamp series? Take that, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune!

And here is a picture of the Pluto stamps in all their glory:


Pluto Stamps

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