2 thoughts on “Marriage Equality

  1. I love this photo. You are so beautiful Karen. After I read your book and I found your blog, this was one of the first things I read as I searched for your views on LGBT rights. As a Christian Scientist , I have heard many negative opionions and read many articles in the Journal and Sentinel about the subject of Homosexuality, So I was pleasantly surprised when I read this article of yours. Delighted, I should say, and that was why I subscribed to the MadCap Christian Scientist . I am a gay man, very private, no one knows much about that part of my life and I guess no one cares too much as I just seem like a average guy and not what they think gay guys are. I have been in a 25 year relationship with a man who is a Army Officer and we jumped through many hoops under Don’t Ask Don’t tell but he loved serving the country and I loved him. So we are still together. We will actually be living together for the first time in our own home in a few months as my partner has retired. I am back living in my home state of Alabama as my Mother needs me and I wonder if we would be accepted at the local Christian Science church I attend. The folks there are great , but this is a very conservative region and I don’t want to push it.I guess it will not really be much of concern as my partner is not Christian Scientist but he does support my religious views and has gone to church with me before in Alaska and Claifornia but I would love to go in and say this is my partner, you know. I do see something of a change when it comes to the church though. I still have a pretty negative idea of how the church views Gays, I guess from back in the day, and that was why I was pleased to find you. Well, I did not mean to go on so, I was just in a talkative mood. I know you are still in a place , I can’t really put a name too it, but the place when you are trying to put a person who was so much part of your life into some place in your heart that gives you life not grief. I hope you understand that. Happy Aniversary. Rick

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