2 thoughts on “Dear Friends in Florida

  1. Hello Karen, Here in Alabama we are keeping a watchful eye on Irma too. She is supposed to turn and cross our state also after leaving Florida, but they are expecting it to be much weaker here after traveling over the entire state of Florida. Today, Momtgomery was overflowing with Floridians traveling to escape the storm. Every hotel , motel and camp grounds are full. I traveled on highway 231 today which is a major highway connecting Alabama and Florida and the traffic was heavy. I was told that it took 8 hours to drive from Tallahassee to Montgomery, a drive that normally takes about 3 1/2 hours. I saw numerous FEMA and Military vehicles gathering to take the trip south once the storm is over and there was a lot of activity at Maxwell Airforce Base with Helicopters and planes, so it looks like they are prepared to bring help as soon as possible. It is good to see that they are prepared. I have many friends in Florida as I spend a good bit of time there and one friend stayed behind in the Keys which did not seem like a good idea to me but he says he knows what he is doing so I hope so. I have been in several large Hurricanes , including Katrina, so I know that they are nothing to take lightly. Well, keep us all in your thoughts. Did you know that Florida has the second largest population of Christian Scientist in the country? There are many beautiful old CS churches there and I hope they and everyone and everything comes through ok. I work with an organization that rescues stray Dogs and I really worry about them too in a time of disaster, so say a prayer for them also!

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