And Now for Your Listening Pleasure (or listening SOMEthing)…

So about four years ago a friend suggested to me that I check out this karaoke site – Singsnap. Kind of cool site. I didn’t spend a lot of time on there – I was only on there a few months – but I quickly recorded and stockpiled some of my favorite Christmas carols before I left.

So if you’re in the mood for some Christmas tunes today – here you go. 🙂
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Silent Night
The First Noel
What Child Is This?
The Christmas Song

Merry Christmas!

(Wintery photos by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

3 thoughts on “And Now for Your Listening Pleasure (or listening SOMEthing)…

  1. Hey, I forgot what a great voice you have but now I remember you sang Summertime at what I think was your dad’s birthday party and I really loved it. Are you the soloist at your branch church? Somebody sent me a link to a youtube video today and I tried to embed it here but could not for some reason but if you get the chance go to youtube and check out a user called Radiant and the video title is “The Best Christmas Song I’ve Heard” it is terrific . It is done by a LDS church group and they always do good Christmas music. I agree with your comment about have yourself a Merry little Christmas . It has always seemed sad to me too. Another song they play during the holidays by Dan Fogelberg I think called same auld lang syne is a nice melody but a real downer if you ask me! Thanks for the photos too. We are having very warm tornado weather and your photos and music seem more like Christmas! Take care, Rick

    • Oh! Thank you, Rick! And I know the Fogelberg song you’re talking about – I feel the same way about it – it’s sort of poignant – sad and sweet and beautiful. And now I MUST check out The Best Christmas Song! I think music must be an important part of LDS life – I’ve known so many wonderful musicians who were Mormon.

      Merry Christmas, Rick!

      • Merry Christmas to you too, and all your family! I just listened to the song I suggested to you from youtube again and it really is beautiful , I love the passion of it you know, It brought tears to my eyes. But then I think about what I believe is the real Christ and what that is . It is so much more than most people can comprehend as I can’t completely understand it myself. I guess that is why Mrs Eddy said you have to study Science and Health. I am sitting here tonight ,really moved by the music , but then realizing that the real shocking ,momentous truth has been going on quietly in the CS church. Beautiful ,heartfelt music is wonderful , but witnessing like I did , the healing of terminal cancer is something else. Oh well, I am just going on. I am in a reflective mood I guess. Merry Christmas again! And I look forward to another year of great work from you! Rick

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