“The dam bursts…”

Posted after last year’s Women’s March. Features a poem by my friend, Randy Kercher, who passed on last November.

When I got home from last year’s march I had a call waiting for me from my mom’s care team at the assisted living place, letting me know that she was struggling. A month later Moz passed on. But she was so proud of me for participating in this march. Whenever I think back to the Women’s March of 2017, I think of my intrepid mother.

Adventures of the Madcap Christian Scientist

“You always had the power, my dear.” – Glinda the Good Witch

My friend, Randy, has given me permission to share his poem. It perfectly captures what I felt yesterday at the Bellingham Women’s March:

The hard and steady tread of feet
on the sidewalk, in the street,
always forward, no retreat,
The dam bursts,
its flood o’ertakes,
leaving miracles in its wake…
– Randy Kercher

I arrived at the Bellingham Women’s March a little earlier than most people. I’d gone by myself and wasn’t sure I’d be able to find anybody I knew there – but no sooner had I parked than a couple of retired teachers from my old school district walked past my car. We all grinned when we saw each other and gave each other hugs, and walked together to the city courthouse, where the march would start. I ended up running into a lot familiar faces there –…

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