Danskos or Skechers? Gun Control Now

“Wisdom is better than weapons of war…”
Ecclesiastes 9:18

This might help you understand where I am right now: This morning as I was getting dressed I debated whether I should wear my Danskos or my Skechers. I decided on the Skechers. If I need to be able to move fast, help my students get out of the building, and jump for the tree outside my office window, I think Skechers would work best, right?

Yeah. God is Love. Love will protect. And so forth. I believe that. But Love also provides us with the wisdom, and Mind provides us with the intelligence, to take the sensible steps we need to take in our human lives. Just as Jesus didn’t leap out of the tower when he was tempted to (“Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God”) – I believe we need to not throw ourselves out of 12-story windows to see if God will save us. And we need not make available to private citizens the type of guns that were designed to kill large numbers of people in a very short time. Common sense, people. Common sense.

Someone commented on one of my posts that more people get struck by lightning every year than have been killed in school shootings. About that: If you choose to stand on the top of a hill holding a metal rod during a lightning storm your odds of being struck by lightning increase a lot. And if we, as a society, choose to allow these types of guns in the hands of people who have no business owning them, we shouldn’t be surprised if a lot of innocent people die.

We need gun control now.

Click here to see a map of the mass shootings since Sandy Hook.


5 thoughts on “Danskos or Skechers? Gun Control Now

  1. Thank you. Yeah, we had our boys watch a video of turning your backpack around to the front of you to act as body armor. In the event of the lightning strike that is someone carrying a high powered weapon meant for one purpose only. I’m so sick of the NRA and those who argue the need for these types of weapons. It’s out of hand. I swear, my wife and I actually discussed the possibility of moving away from America just last night. It’s not the country I know and love anymore. I’ve just about had enough.

      • I try to keep an even keel. But I’m starting to become angry. I don’t like that feeling. I hope this anger can be expressed on mid-term Election Day. They’ve gotta go.

      • I know. If we can’t pull our country out of this teeter to insanity… I’m not going to finish that sentence. I just can’t let myself go there right now. I was just talking to my husband about immigrating somewhere else and we both realized at the same time that there’s no country that isn’t fighting the same kinds of insanity – although in lesser degrees. Any country could end up where we are – and pretty quickly, too. This is a world-wide war with greed, corruption, selfishness, me-first-ness, political manipulation, slavery, environmental destruction. This is bigger than what’s going on in the U.S., I think. Our little planet is in a heap of trouble. I think we’re at a crossroads. It could go either direction. I’m really hoping humanity turns towards peace.

      • I sure hope so too. I love my boys very much, but I’m sorry for bringing them into a world like this. I don’t know what to tell them most days. 😔

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