Daddy will be 100 in an hour!

Dad was born on the longest day of the year in 1918. World War I was just ending. The United States was about to enter the Roaring Twenties. Flappers. Jazz. Bobbed hair cuts and skirts above the ankles! Women didn’t have the right to vote, yet. Talkies hadn’t been invented, yet. There were no colored motion pictures, televisions, cassette tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, computers, cellphones, or electronic books. People weren’t traveling around in jet airplanes, and humans hadn’t yet landed on the moon.

Dad lived through the Great Depression, served in WW2, adventured and climbed mountains on six of our planet’s seven continents. He had the chance, in his life, to climb Mount Kennedy with Bobby Kennedy, and to become friends with astronauts and explorers, artists and writers. He has made an amazing life for himself. (You can read about Dad in Wikipedia here.)

But on that longest day of the year 100 years ago, he was just entering the world. I can’t imagine anyone could have foreseen on that day the changes Dad would see in his lifetime, or the incredible life he would lead. Or that he would live to see his 100th birthday.

Happy birthday, Daddy! I am so proud to be your daughter!

Dad at the park

9 thoughts on “Daddy will be 100 in an hour!

  1. Hey Karen! I haven’t responded to you in awhile as I have been super busy but I always read your posts and enjoy them. I knew your dad’s birthday was coming up but I couldn’t remember the exact date . He looks so good in this photo. It would be great to meet him. I hope he is having a great day. On a side note, I actually know two other people who turned 100 this year. It used to be pretty rare. I wonder if it is true what Mrs Eddy said about longevity increasing for everyone with the discovery of Christian Science , not just those who follow it? Well, I guess that would be a matter of opinion for most people! LOL Give your Dad my warmest regards! Rick

  2. Karen, Thank you for keeping us informed about your Father. We have several beautiful paintings by Dee on the walls in our house and will hand them down to the next generation.
    I was friends with Ken Walters and I called Dee up and asked if he would do one of his slide shows for the retirement community I worked for and we would treat him to lunch with Ken and other USGS buddies. He said yes and I think they had a great time. We had a full house and people standing in the hallways watching Dee’s slide show and even a news paper reporter. Moz was there too with her special smile.
    After the Slide show people came up to Dee with their own story’s. A couple I remember were. “The first time I went up to Paradise was 100 years ago” and another was a piano student of Delmar Fadden’s sister. WE WISH DEE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY & BERG HEIL!

  3. Oh Blessed Be for your Dad! A hero of K2 and great mountain artist — an inspiration to us all! Happy Midsummer to Dad and your whole family!

    I think I’ll write another portion of my Mtn Fantasy that includes someone from the future walking through ‘thin veils of time’ and talking with your Dad.

  4. Karen –
    Best wishes to Dee and family on his 100th birthday! A couple weekends ago I walked into the gift shop at Longmire and thought it was so fitting that Dee’s book had a prominent place. His story is part of mine.

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