Dear Senators…

Dear senators –

We, the people you serve, are depending on you to represent us with integrity, wisdom, and courage during the coming impeachment trial.

The evidence and testimony we have seen during the last months shouldn’t be ignored – evidence that shows threats to Ambassador Yovanovitch’s life and career; the assessment by the Government Accountability Office that our president violated the law by withholding nearly $400 million in military aid to the Ukraine; an interview with Lev Parnas that indicates our president (and many others in political service to our country) “knew exactly what was going on.”

If those who represent us do nothing in the face of all this evidence, they are setting a dangerous precedent and showing us that our president and those who surround him really ARE above the law. If what Lev Parnas says is shown to be true and our representatives don’t take action against THIS massive corruption in our government, when DO they take action?! If THIS is ignored/accepted then you’ll be giving license to every politician to ignore our Constitution and laws. Our democracy will be finished.

Please stand up and send the message that corruption in our government is not okay and will not be tolerated – now or in the future.

– Karen Molenaar Terrell

5 thoughts on “Dear Senators…

  1. That’s like trusting the fox in the henhouse, unfortunately. I’m afraid the notion of doing the right thing and public service is not applicable to any politician. It’s merely about getting re-elected, pandering to the sheep and the shepherd, and staying on their gravy train. It’s sad.

      • I don’t know. I suppose that lack of a plan B is what festers apathy. The older I get, the more I have to fight off that very feeling. I’m tired, and my priorities are vastly different now. I hate the realization that I really can’t, it seems, change the world. I’ve tried, but nothing changed. So, I just try to be positive and spread that positivity around my little fraction of the world, and accept that that is enough, I suppose. And hope my 3 boys attempt the same thing, and so it spreads. 😊

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