Democratic Candidates

I posted this elsewhere – but I figured – buck up, Karen! Put it on your very own wordpress site! What’s the worst that can happen here, right?!  (Famous last words.)

Bloomberg: a gazillionaire who’s been linked to sexual harassment allegations and who thought the search and frisk policy was great. What he has going for him is that if he were in a debate with Trump he could talk about being more “successful” and more wealthy and a better businessmen, and etc.

Buttigieg – what I like about him is his energy, his way of speaking, his background in the military service. I really wish he wouldn’t show his ageism. I wish he had more experience at the national level.

Biden – he has the most experience working in the executive branch. He’s likable and has a back story that’s easy to sympathize with. But he’s too connected to the old guard. He is not a visionary. He doesn’t have the ability to inspire that others have.

Klobuchar – I like her a lot. I think she might be the best one of all of them at building consensus and working on compromise. But that scares me a little, too – I need to see that she can take a stand – that there are things she’s not willing to compromise.

Sanders – he inspires me. He knows how to rouse us and lead us. He’s smart. He has a quick sense of humor and knows how to use it to good effect. He stands his ground. He walks the walk. I love his wife. He’s idealistic. He doesn’t make compromises. This is the thing that also most concerns me – I’m not sure he’d be able to bring the two parties together and get things done. I don’t think the Republican legislators would work well with him.

Warren – she knows what it’s like to work hard to get where she is. I like that she was a special ed teacher. She’s experienced what it is to be a woman in our society – and – I apologize for the sexism of this, but that’s huge for me. She’s been patronized. She’s been condescended to. She was let go from her teaching job because she was pregnant – she knows what that feels like. She’s idealistic – but she’s also pragmatic. She stands up for the “little guy” and has done for all her life. I think she has ideas that would actually work – ideas that aren’t just pie in the sky.

Anyone care to share their thoughts?
– Karen

7 thoughts on “Democratic Candidates

  1. I love Bernie…but no way he wins as the GOP uses the socialism scare tactics to frighten the sheep. I’d prefer Warren or Buttigieg, but I have my doubts that this country would elect a woman or homosexual, unfortunately. I’m a dyed in the wool Democrat, and even though I like several of these potential candidates, I don’t like our chances this cycle. The Trumpster Fire should be ripe for a defeat based on all we know, but Its fan base is blind to or ignorant of all the reasons It should be kicked to the curb, and will blindly follow their shepherd anywhere It’ll point them. I’m already preparing myself to be disappointed in November, sadly. Wish I could be confident that won’t happen. I’m not. 😝

    • Oh, dear friend. I hear you. When I think about that possibility – the possibility of another four years with… this… I just feel hopeless about the world, you know? But… I don’t know… in the last couple of days I’ve started feeling hopeful again. I’m not sure where that’s coming from, exactly. Maybe it’s the sunshine and the birds singing and spring on its way. 🙂 But right this moment I’m feeling like we’re going to be alright.

  2. After this debate, my choice was a ticket of Warren/Buttegieg. I think she can stand up to trump in any debate. I’ve always had a problem with Bernie. I love what he says with such enthusiasm. Good ideas, but he never quite lets us know how he will pay for them, and if he runs, I’m afraid Trump will win again, which we can’t let happen. I like Joe, but don’t think it’s his time, sometimes like Klobuchar and think Bloomberg is impossible. SO, that’s my current choice, but it could change with the next debate.

  3. I have to make up my mind by Super Tuesday and I’m still torn between Klobuchar, Sanders and Warren. My first choice is Sanders because his politics most match up with mine. That said he’s going to be tarred by the Socialism hysteria as if everyone will have to hang a picture of Stalin in the family room if he’s elected.
    Warren at times seems to be too combative. I’m not happy about the way she seemed to preach reconciliation in her speech after NH and then came in throwing haymakers again in Nevada. Which is it? And her little tango that she did when asked about super pacs during the townhall was disquieting.
    Klobuchar is intriguing because she is the most centrist and could carry the midwest in the general. Politically she’s not a favorite of mine but if she can pick up momentum she might just be the first woman president.
    I have the same fear about Buttigieg as a previous commenter. America is not going to elect a gay president in 2020. What has turned me off the most about Buttigieg is his reversal on Medicare for all shortly after receiving large donations from the healthcare industry.
    Biden and Bloomberg are dead in the water.
    What I think is just as important as beating Trump, maybe more so, and this will raise eyebrows, is to retain the House and retake the Senate.

    • Thank you for this, Paulie! I’ve had a really difficult time this year committing to a candidate. In 2016 I was totally a Bernie fan – and I still think he’s great! – I’m just not sure he’s going to be able to work well with people across the aisle and get things accomplished. The next eight months are going to be interesting, for sure.

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