Stuff a Nerd Christian Scientist Ponders as She Wakes Up

Stuff a nerd Christian Scientist ponders as she wakes up in the morning:
Metaphysical Math Properties

Infinite Love + Infinite Life = Infinite God
Infinite Life + Infinite Love = Infinite God

Infinite Love + (Infinite Life + Infinite Truth) = God
(Infinite Love + Infinite Life ) + Infinite Truth = God

Infinite Good + 0 = Infinite Good
Infinite Good x 1 = Infinite Good

Infinite Good /1 x 1/Infinite Good = God

Infinity (Love + Life) = Infinity (Love) + Infinity (Life)

Love = Love

God = Love, then Love = God

Love=God, Truth = God, then Love = Truth

Law of trichotomy
Infinite God > error, so Infinite God is not less than error, and Infinite God is not equal to error

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