I remember once thinking that if I could just get through that obligation, and this appointment, and that scheduled meeting, I’d finally be able to get on with life. And it came to me, in a flash, that all of it – the obligations, appointments – and yes, the shopping, wrapping, baking, and cleaning – ARE life. I know. Duh, right? But it took me awhile to realize that I needed to be enjoying the messy stuff of life, too. Every single moment is precious…

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  1. I hear that. It seems all I do is clean the house do the dishes clean up the yard. Don`t get me wrong, I really don1t mind doing it, but it seems like the magic mess fairy visits in the middle of the night spreading her mess. I don`t know how it happens. I would like to wake up one day and have absolutely nothing to do, like when I was achild and mom had to deal with it.IIt`s all good though, At least people like us are lucky to have such problems, some people have nothing.

  2. Hmm, that’s a new concept, and to think, my family calls ME Polly Anna! 🙂 But you know, I like it! I always knew I had a lot of blessings, but wow! My life is full of precious! Thanks Karen. Oh and a very, merry Christmas to you and yours. Blessings.

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