The Baby Spider and the Cup Sleeve

baby spider pressed against my windshield
as I drive down country roads
with a 50 mph speed limit
and soon I will be on the freeway
where the speed limit is 70

I pull over and look around in my car
for something I can use to lift the baby
off my windshield
I find an old cardboard cup sleeve
and push it under the little spider
until he climbs on
then I take him to the side of the road
and dangle him over a dandelion leaf
I watch as he lowers himself onto the leaf
with his spider string
and then I get back in my car
and head for the freeway

sometimes it’s handy to have a car
littered with cardboard cup sleeves

-Karen Molenaar Terrell

Kindness Is a Powerful Thing

I told the woman who was wrapping up a sandwich for me at the supermarket that I really liked her earrings. She thanked me and then looked at my earrings and told me she liked mine. For a moment, I’d forgotten I’d even put earrings on that morning and reached up to see what I was wearing in my ears. “Oh! These are a pair of my mom’s earrings that I found in her jewelry box after she died,” I told the woman behind the counter.

The expression on the woman’s face softened, and she said they were beautiful. She handed me my sandwich and said, “You have a good day, hon.”

And as I walked away with my sandwich I found myself tearing up.

Kindness is a powerful thing.

The Madcap Christian Scientist Series

There are four books in the Madcap Christian Scientist series now – and a fifth one that’s related. I have 64 reviews for the five “madcap” books. (51 five star ones!) 🙂

VoIP – Dragon User writes about the first book in the series, Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Christian Scientist:
“OK, after reading the reviews, I thought this might make a nice Christmas present for a friend. When it arrived I decided to ‘peek’ at a few pages, but couldn’t put it down. I finished reading it in one sitting. But how to review the book is a challenge. It leaves you with such a joyful uplifted feeling and one of appreciation and relevance. At first I found myself saying, ‘I want to know this woman’ and after I finished the book I felt I did.

“Karen brings very positive reinforcement into the reader’s experience and the easy flowing style just melts in your mouth like comfort food. I found dozens of instances where I saw a parallel in my own life, that were entertaining and inspirational in a down to earth sort of way.

“I’m wearing a smile having read this and can’t think of a better way to pass an evening than this quick roller-coaster ride through another’s eyes of refreshing gratitude.

“It touched my heart and soul. Highly recommended.”

Adventures with Dad Series

There are two books in the Adventures with Dad series – plus a related book called Finding the Rainbows. There are 25 reviews for the three books – 24 of them are five stars. 🙂

Heidi writes about Are You Taking Me Home Now? Adventures with Dad:
“This is a delightful book and Karen is a gifted writer. She lets us listen in to the conversations she and her 100 year old Dad have on their car trips, which had me laughing and crying. Interspersed are memories of earlier times. Having a relationship with an older person whose body and brain don’t work as well as it used to requires patience, humor and love. As someone else here said, “Karen shows us how to do it right.” I enjoyed reading this very much. I highly recommend this book and will be giving it out for gifts.”

A Prayer for the Economy

Feel the strength and power of God, Truth. Feel the nurturing and comforting of God, Love. Father-Mother Soul fills all space. God is limitless, infinite Good. God is the only Mind – the infinite intelligence and wisdom directing all the expressions of Life.

God’s children are reflections, expressions, manifestations, ideas of the one Mind. God’s children were made by Love, exist for Love, reflect only Love. There isn’t the teensiest tiniest part of God’s creation that is unlike the Creator. All we can be is what Love made us to be.

God’s children are never outside of Love, Truth, Life, Mind, Soul. God’s children don’t have minds of their own that can cause harm or act out of greed, fear, ignorance, hate, anger, revenge. A mortal mind is no part of our real identity and no part of the reality of creation. Don’t claim any mind but the one Mind as your own.

The belief that we can ever lack anything, or have less than we need, or be dependent on any mind but God for our supply is a lie. Good is never-ending and without limits. Life supplies everything we need, always and in all places.

Nothing has the power to usurp God’s governing of Her own creation.

Life is endless good.

“Fear not, for Love is with you.”


A Feeling That Can’t Be Boxed and Labeled

So yesterday I’m eating breakfast by myself at the Harris Cafe. Some young folks come in and sit at the table next to me – two women and a man probably in their early twenties. And, of course, I’m listening into their conversation. And they’re funny and laughing at themselves and supportive of each other and they’ve got that energy, you know? And I find myself sitting there with a big grin on my face – just soaking in the joy.

After I’m done with my breakfast, as I get up to leave, I just have to stop and say something to these young ‘uns. So I turn to them and explain that I’m a retired high school teacher and the mother of two sons who are now all grown up – and that I’ve been missing the energy of young people. I tell them how much I’ve enjoyed their kindness to each other and their laughter. And they smile these warm, open smiles back at me, and nod their heads in understanding, and one of the women says, “Thank you!” and “You need to call your son!”

I ended up going to a movie, “Blackberry,” with my youngest son and his wife yesterday afternoon. And that was so fun! And then when I got home I called my oldest son in Australia and videochatted with him – I told him the story of meeting the three young people at the restaurant and told him I was obeying the orders of the young woman who told me to call my son. We had a wonderful chat together – and laughed and hugged each other over the phone. It was good.

And now I’m sitting here smiling and crying simultaneously. I do this a lot lately. There’s a feeling that can’t be put into a nice neat box and labeled “sad” or “happy” or “bad” or “good.” It’s deeper than all of those things. It goes beyond “bad” or “good.” It just IS.

Sitting next to those young people yesterday – soaking up their energy – was a gift for me.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

“When the heart speaks, however simple the words, its language is always acceptable to those who have hearts.”
-Mary Baker Eddy, “Heart to “Heart” in Miscellaneous Writings

A No Car Day

Here’s a link to the podcast.

I had a no car day today. I walked the loop past the cemetery, biked to the post office, and mowed the neighbor’s lawn. I watered things and vacuumed up grass clumps and cat hair. I watched a couple episodes of “Monk” and a Katherine Hepburn documentary and the Mariners game. I finished the last of the peppermint chocolate bar from Christmas and made myself some avocado toast. I’m now giving myself an assignment: write a poem about my day.

I had a no car day today
moving through the green of May
on my bike and my feet
breathing in air that’s sweet
with the smell of spring blossoms

And I sat in my comfy chair
and watched Hepburn, Monk, and the Mariners
and Hepburn lost her brother
and Monk lost his wife
and the Mariners lost their game

I had peppermint chocolate
and avocado toast
mowed the neighbor’s lawn
and rode my bike to the post

And now I’m watching game shows
and watching people win
and here’s a commercial with people
driving across a long bridge, clapping,
no hands on the wheel –
and I find this kind of disturbing

I had a no car day today
moving through the green of May
on my bike and my feet
breathing in air that’s sweet
with the smell of spring blossoms
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

A Mother’s Prayer

May our children know kindness
May our children know peace
May their planet be healthy
May their wisdom increase

May they know that they matter
May they know they are loved
May they live life with courage
May they live life above
pettiness and imitation
bullying and limitation

May our children know kindness
May they know they are loved

Karen Molenaar Terrell

Here’s a link to the podcast.

Scott and the sons at Lincoln City, OR.

Stepping Into Magic

Here’s the link to the podcast.

I’ve been in a funk today – I feel like I’ve been treading water just to stay afloat – mourning friends and family who have passed on in the last several years. But just now – as the sun slipped beneath the horizon – I left my house for a quick walk and stepped into magic. I was instantly surrounded in evening smells and sounds – frogsong and birdsong and the perfume that comes from the spring flowers as the evening wraps around them. I looked up at the night sky and saw a light shining down on me – I think from a planet – and then, further away, a star twinkled at me. And I was just suddenly so grateful. So grateful to live in a place where I’m safe to walk around the block on a fragrant spring evening. So grateful that the sounds I hear are coming from birds and frogs, and not cannons and guns. So grateful that the sky is clear and clean and I can see the stars on a sweet spring evening.

I looked up at the stars and could feel my friends and family with me. I felt a part of something cosmic and divine.

Blue Cosmos (photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

An Evening Walk Around the Block

I step out of the door for a walk
around the block
and am instantly surrounded in the magic
of a spring evening in the ‘hood –
immersed in birsong and frogsong
and the fragrance of spring flowers
as the cool air embraces them
and in the sky a star twinkles at me
connecting me to the divine –
to a cosmos bigger than my problems,
enveloping me in Its peace and joy

I am a part of something amazing
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

Blue Cosmos (photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell)