A Valentine for Chip

Several years ago I received a message through another Christian Scientist from a man in Florida named Chip, who had just finished reading my book, Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Christian Scientist. Chip wrote: “…I was searching high and low to find an address or way to find Karen for having the courage to express her own unique identity as Love’s reflection, and in doing so, to echo a resounding ‘Yes’ to my own inner sense of Love’s direction in my life.”

Chip’s kind words meant a lot to me, and I wrote him back right away to thank him. And so began our friendship. 🙂

When I first met Chip he had been a registered medical nurse for 28 years, and had been with his partner  for “almost as long.” As a medical nurse and a gay man he had “found roadblocks” in feeling closer to the Christian Science community.  He said, “…but you know, I just really love to be with folks who are making an effort to be closer to God Who is All Good and All Love!”

Chip’s friendship over the last several years has been a wonderful blessing to me. He always seems to know when I most need an encouraging word, a bit of email inspiration, and a cheering picture of flowers or pets or his family.

I have not (yet) met Chip in the person. But I know him. I know his patients are blest to have him in their lives  – his kindness and caring come through in every word he writes me. I know his family and friends and partner are blest to have him in THEIR lives, too. And I know I am blest to have him in mine.

Today I received a Valentine greeting from Chip – flowers and love.

As Mary Baker Eddy says in Science and Health, “Love is reflected in love.” My friend, Chip, is proof of that.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chip! May this day and every day be filled with everything good for you and yours!



4 thoughts on “A Valentine for Chip

  1. That is priceless. Why everyone is so hypnotized by the sexuality and focus on sexual preference and all things sexual reflected in the human dream. sometimes human nightmare, defies description. It seems that we always have to take an attack position on every issue instead of seeing through the haze and fog to find the love that is the heart and soul of mankind.

    Thank you Karen for loving and being Love’s representative, and as the hymn says,
    “Seeing only Thy creation,
    We can share Thy happiness,
    Share Thy joy and spend it freely.
    Loyal hearts can feel no fear;
    We Thy children know Thee, Father,
    Love and Life forever near.

    Thank You.

    • Thank YOU, Pat. You write: “It seems that we always have to take an attack position on every issue instead of seeing through the haze and fog to find the love that is the heart and soul of mankind.” RIGHT ON!!! These words from a CS hymn have been coming to me a lot in the last few days:
      “Let all that now divides us
      Remove and pass away,
      Like shadows of the morning
      Before the blaze of day.
      Let all that now unites us
      More sweet and lasting prove,
      A closer bond of union,
      In a blest land of love.”
      – Jane Borthwick

  2. thanks Karen for posting this. I just had one interesting exchange with someone who believes that being one LGBT is living in sin and he believes that I am sinning too and insinuated that because my respect for them, my decision to follow Jesus’ command of loving everyone (LGBT included) and am tolerating them is blasphemous. That is his stance but only Truth, not I personally, will show him what Love is truly about. Pat beat me to verse in the hymn 58. What I can add is that verse from Hymn 30-

    The arrow that doth wound the dove
    Darts not from those who watch and love.

    Seek holy thought of heavenly strain
    That make men one in love, remain
    Thanks for sharing that hymn verse above. I will admit that it is not as familiar to me as Hymns 30 and 58 but I will definitely look it up.

    Love, Joy and Peace abound

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