I had a blast with this project…

Several weeks ago a fellow member at church asked me if I might combine quotes from Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures with some of my photos for a display at our local Reading Room. I spent the afternoon working on this project  – and it was a total blast!

Here are the photos and quotes I put together for the display (all quotes are from Science and Health, and all the photos – except for NASA’s photo of the stars – are by yours truly):

3 thoughts on “I had a blast with this project…

  1. I used to do this for my church for CD labels…Way back when the audio Bible Lessons were available for download, and before the online availability of today, I would burn them to CDs and then make labels. Mine were not my photography of course, but people who borrowed the CDs from the RR liked them. With the advent of online lessons,we gave the CDs away to anyone who wanted them.

  2. Beautiful, awesome photography. I love how the pictures complement the citations. Yes, ditto what Eurilda said –thank you for sharing

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