Starbucks Cups

For crying out loud! When did it become unpatriotic and divisive to want to bring people of different backgrounds together?!! When did showing love and kindness to others become a political issue?! You’d think people of every stripe and polka dot would at least be able to agree on the notion that kindness and love are good things! If this has now become a partisan issue – I want to belong to the party that promotes love and kindness, thank you very much.

“‘During a divisive time in our country, Starbucks wanted to create a symbol of unity as a reminder of our shared values, and the need to be good to each other,’ said Howard Schultz, the coffee giant’s chairman and CEO.”


2 thoughts on “Starbucks Cups

  1. I SO agree that Love and Kindness are incredibly Good Things… !!!… but just wanted to make sure you and your readers realized that the video clip of Donald Trump in the article you linked to is from another topic a year ago and not related at all to the current Starbucks Cup Design. That’s totally misleading! Just wanted to note that, thanks! Love, Kindness and Honesty are all Good things! Thanks for your neat view of life! I thoroughly enjoy your blog and books!

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