Kind people, unite!

I am discovering there are a lot of beautiful people in this world:

  • One of my dear Facebook friends asked me to tell my students (who are mostly Latino) that she loved them. This teared me up. One of the students – a student I know has been dealing with some fear today – happened to appear at that moment and I passed on my friend’s message. He smiled and thanked me and left the room to go wherever he needed to go next. Pretty soon one of the counselors comes up, smiling. He tells me the student I’d just been talking with asked him to come up and make sure I was alright. He says the student’s concern really touched him. It really touched me, too.
  • My friend, John, who voted for Donald Trump, FB messaged me last night to ask me how I was doing! And he stayed on Facebook and listened to my answer – and responded with nothing but kindness.
  • AND another friend who voted for Trump joined me and three of my fellow Clinton supporters in a group hug yesterday.

    Solidarity, my friends – not solidarity in this party or that party, or this candidate or that candidate – but solidarity in kindness. If humanity is going to survive, I’m thinking this is the kind of solidarity we’re going to need.

    Kind people, unite!

    And now pictures of the sunset last night – just because…

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