Post About a Safety Pin Hero from a Friend

A friend of mine shared this story on her FB wall, and gave me permission to share it here. I’m not going to use her name – out of respect for her privacy – but she is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever known. A couple days ago she was called a ‘fucking retard’ by someone she’d never met. And today THIS happened:

“Today I went to the craft store with my big sis. I needed some supplies to finish a present we are making for my mom. We were looking for a specific paint, and couldn’t find it, so we were methodically going through each row looking for it. (The paints had all gotten mixed together on the shelf). I guess this guy really wanted a turn to look, but I didn’t know. He hadn’t said excuse me, or I would have moved and let him have a turn. He ended up MOVING MY WHEELCHAIR. For able body folks: this is the equivalent of someone picking you up and physically moving you.

“My sister was at the other end of the aisle and she heard my ‘How dare you!’ She came flying down the aisle but before she got there, this big guy stepped in front of the other guy and said calmly ‘I think you owe this miss an apology. You violated her space. You just needed to say excuse me.’

“The guy that moved me huffed and stormed off, giving me the finger.

“The big dude looked at me and so sweetly pointed to his safety pin and said ‘I’ve got your back’ and left as I was thanking him.

“But then faith in humanity was restored…while one was horridly rude, another went out of his way to help. I am going to focus on that.

“One good thing from this election: People physically wearing pins to let others know they will help, that they care. The massive amount of people standing up and saying ‘I will stand by you. I will help protect you.

“That part is pretty amazing to me.”

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