A Pink Knitted Thing

So here’s a kind of sweet thing: I stopped by to visit Moz and Dad tonight. As I was tidying up their place I came upon a pink knitted thing and asked Moz where she’d like me to put it. She smiled and said it was for me. She said this lady who lives in the retirement home heard I was going to march in one of the women’s marches on Saturday and knitted me this little pink “pussy” hat to wear in the march. It was her way of showing support to me. I hadn’t planned on wearing a pussy hat in the march – I’d been planning to just dress in comfy clothes and carry my “Love rules!” sign – but it really touched me that this sweet older lady knitted me that hat. I think I’m going to have to wear it on Saturday. 🙂

Inter-generational solidarity! Power to women!

“The conclusion cannot now be pushed, that women have no rights that man is bound to respect. This is woman’s hour, in all the good tendencies, charities, and reforms of to-day.”
– Mary Baker Eddy, Miscellaneous Writings

Pink Pussy Hat

Knitted Pink Thing

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