Cattle Drive

A truck was ahead of me on I-5
“Cattle Drive” written on its backside
Holes punched out on the side
to let in air and light to the four-legged
occupants hurtling through time
and space to their destiny.
As I passed I glanced through
a glass-less window and saw a bovine
leg shifting its weight – skin and fur
and muscle of a living being moving
inside the metal crate and I wanted
to acknowledge its life, wanted to reach
out and touch the leg and ask forgiveness
for humanity.

Vegetarianism calls.

– -Karen Molenaar Terrell

5 thoughts on “Cattle Drive

  1. I have not had the chance to catch up with your blog in the last week or so and I read this today. It is very moving and it seems to come to me personally. I have been thinking a lot about vegetarianism the past few months. I became a vegetarian years ago as a teenager. Back then I was a pretty devout Christian Scientist , so it was not because of health reasons, but it came from my summer work on my great Uncle’s farm. My job was mostly tending to the cows and I became very connected to them. Sometimes at the end of the day , I would just go out and sit in the pasture and watch them. They are very peaceful to watch. I learned they have different personalities and can show many emotions such as fear and happiness . I was always intrigued with how one cow would always more or less tell the others that it was time to go back to the barn and they would line up and head that way. So I could no longer eat a cow after those summers and I gave up meat entirely. I was eating a lot of beans and soy for my protein and a few years ago I had a friend who became a very strict follower of the Paleo diet and he is constantly trying to convert others to this way of eating. He was saying it is very unhealthy to eat beans and soy after age forty and even with my Christian Science background I found myself influenced by his though and I slowly cut out soy and beans and added turkey and fish to my diet. But here lately I have had a strong desire to return to vegetarianism and have been thinking about it a lot as it seems the right way to live. I think maybe your post was someone trying to tell me something! Rick

    • Hi, Rick – it’s always nice to see your name pop up here.

      When I was 11 or 12 we raised a calf from babyhood – bottle fed him. I named him Spot. One day I came home from school and Spot wasn’t in the field. He was in the freezer. I didn’t eat meat that year because I couldn’t eat Spot. But I later went back to carnivory. I go long periods without eating meat – but I haven’t, yet, given it up entirely.The desire to do so grows stronger, though. And, like you, it wouldn’t be for health reasons, but because it just seems the right and ethical thing to do.

      • It was good to hear back from you, I don’t think I could have handled even thinking of eating Spot. The only animals I ever saw served up on a plate that I had known when they were alive were chickens and that bothered me even as a young child, my mother always said I was too kind hearted as I would scoop up big spiders and take them outside , even roaches that no one likes. I just had to go get a snake out of my neighbors house last week as even though I am a little afraid of them , I don’t like to see them killed . What is the verse from Science and Health where Mrs Eddy says that all creatures would be harmless if understood in Science? I can never remember it so I guess I will look it up in my concordance! I hope you are having a good night, I am really enjoying all the post I have missed in the last two weeks! Rick

      • I am an insect-rescuer, too! I bet you, too, scoop insects out of the swimming pool, right? And pluck earthworms off the road and put them in a place where there’s good dirt for them to burrow into? ” All of God’s creatures, moving in the harmony of Science, are harmless, useful, indestructible.”

  2. Karen , yes I am that person too. I stop and rescue turtles on the road, And save bugs who are about to go down the drain in the bathtub and I have rescued and feed so many abandoned dogs while trying to find them a home that I am about broke! LOL ( I live in a remote area on a dead end road where people release dogs they can not care for.)Thanks for reminding me of the verse from Science and Health. It is really a profound book and I am glad that you are exposing more people to it. Take care ! Rick

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