“We keep each other on our toes.”

“There are Democrat Christian Scientists and Republican Christian Scientists, ‘Green,’ and ‘Red,’ and ‘Blue’ Christian Scientists, and Christian Scientists with no political affiliations at all. Frankly, I like that about us. We keep each other on our toes.”
Karen Molenaar Terrell, Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Christian Scientist

A few years ago when my newly-graduated son was living with us while he looked for engineering jobs, he helped me set up a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art recording studio (a set of Logitech headphones and the recording program on my husband’s Mac) so I could make an audiobook of Blessings: Adventures of a Madcap Christian Scientist. It was an adventure, for sure. I do not believe I could have pulled it off without the son’s patience and technological support.

If you go to the link highlighted in blue above or click > here < – it should take you to my audiobook on Amazon. If you click the little arrow that says “Audible Sample” you’ll hear me reading the introduction to Blessings. Among other things you will hear me wax philosophical about Christian Scientists and their political affiliations.

And I was going to write a whole bunch of stuff about Christian Scientists and their political affiliations here, but I find I don’t wanna. 🙂 I want to go eat breakfast now and take a nice walk – it looks like it might be drizzling again out there, which is always fun. So I’ll just leave you with the audible sample to do with as you choose and wish you a wonderful day full of blessings and hope and kindness and progress and everything good.

audible blessings

2 thoughts on ““We keep each other on our toes.”

  1. Hey Karen! I enjoyed the audible sample, but what I liked the most were all the good comments ! It is good to see other people appreciate your work! And I have to agree with you about Christian Scientists coming in every flavor you can imagine. As you know, I live in Alabama , in the heart of the heart of deep Red country. Most of the folks I know tend to be conservative but even here you find a variety of beliefs, not just with the local non Christian Scientists but with Christian Scientists as well. When most people think of Christian Scientist they tend to think of upper middle class white people living on the West Coast or New England in big cities,but around here you see all sorts. I know one African American family who have been Christian Scientist for generations who live in a nearby county. They ran a large farm and they used to have a farmers market ( I haven’t been in touch with them in awhile) where they had free Christian Science literature . I also know a Christian Scientist who is a trans Woman, and there’s a guy I’ve known most of my life who is a Republican Politician who’s views Liberals in your neck of the woods would find as offensive as Jeff Sessions! LOL But on the flip side I know an older Gentleman who was one of the the local Southerners who worked with Martin Luther King during the Civil Rights era. All good people. The South is a strange but beautiful place and the local Christian Scientist seem to fit right in! Take care! Rick

    • See? That right there is one of the things I really like about CS as an organization – there’s no one in charge telling us how to vote or anything. It’s left up to individual conscience. Rick, I always so appreciate your comments on here!

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