What are they so afraid of?

What are these people so afraid of? Do they really think the Jews are going to try to “replace” them? What does that even mean? Replace them, how? Do they really think the “liberal snowflake lefties” are going to rise up and ambush them in their sleep and then… what?… force them to watch foreign films with sub titles or something? Make them eat tofu? I mean… seriously…? The people I saw armed with guns in Charlottesville were not the snowflakes. It wasn’t the left-wing ministers and priests standing elbow to elbow, talking of love and fellowship, who had the AK-47s, or who drove a car into a crowd of people. Or who killed anyone.

Sorry. I’m a little fired up at the moment…


5 thoughts on “What are they so afraid of?

  1. I live in the South where 90% of my neighbors are republicans who are probably white supremacists. Not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone scared to death that the liberals are going to take their guns, spread their gay agenda, convert their kids to Islam through public school, and take their jobs to give them to black people. It’s nuts. First off, no one wants to take gun from responsible adults, but letting a 7 year old carry a gun, having a bunker full of guns, and illegally selling guns isn’t responsible gun ownership. Second, the only religion that is being pushed in school is Christianity and if you try to explain separation of church and state then you are a devil worshipper. Last, if you worry that someone might take your job, then do better. The part about the gay agenda, aka wanting to be treated like humans, is true.

    • askagimp – I’m so glad you responded to my post! I’m so glad to know you’re on this planet with me, and that you’re living in a place that badly needs your calm logic. Your post gives me hope. We are living in interesting times, for sure. Keep shining your light, askagimp.

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