Making Friends with a Feral Kitty

Feral kitty eats the food I poured in his bowl
and then approaches me, cautiously, skittish,
not sure he can trust me, but wanting to trust,
and I reach out and scratch him behind his ears.
He rubs against me and nestles into the circle
of my arms, curls into a ball and purrs.
A perfect moment. Sweet and whole.
Is there anything finer than a feral
feline who trusts you?
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

Sparky the black cat 2

2 thoughts on “Making Friends with a Feral Kitty

  1. I’ve fed a feral kitty for the past several years that rarely allows me to pet her. She hangs back and watches for me at the back door. I come out with food and she runs away and listens for my footsteps to go back up the porch, and then she runs to the food. Still it makes me happy to know that she goes away with a full tummy. We repeat this ritual a couple times a day unless the weather is really bad, in which case I don’t see her. I suspect she has been feral since she was a kitten. Her left ear has been clipped, which tells me that at some point she was trapped, spayed and released.

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