I Don’t Know I Can’t

I Don’t Know I Can’t

I’m older than I was.
Grayer. Heavier. Slower.
But the thing is –
I don’t see myself that way.
I still do the things I did –
bike, hike, dance –
because I don’t know I can’t.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

Karen's twirly dress

Karen in her twirly dress.

4 thoughts on “I Don’t Know I Can’t

  1. I LOVE that, Karin. This whole concept of aging is so sneaky. Now, I’m lots older than you in human years, but I’ve been continuing to try to not let these limitations come to mind, like “ooh, when I stand on a ladder, my balance isn’t as good as it was”. I think it’s really important. I’m still a church soloist, but haven’t recaptured bike riding after many years. I tried a few years ago and ended up on the ground, Not hurt, but embarrassed! But, it’s not impossible. I’m going to share this with my best friend of more than 50 years who is also dealing with these suggestions. Many thanks for all your lovely sharing. Peggy

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