Coming to the Surface to be Healed

I think there are things coming to the surface right now that need to come to the surface. And no – it’s not just about Trump – in the last few years I’ve seen corruption exposed in both of the major parties, and in big corporations, health insurance, and the way we’ve treated our environment, women, and minorities. I’m grateful it’s coming to the surface so we can correct it, but it sure ain’t pretty to behold.

I want to add this: I’ve also witnessed a reverse kind of bigotry – directed towards people who happen to be white, straight, and male. I think we need to be careful not to get sucked into that kind of bigotry, either. There’s a lot of self-righteousness and puffed-up indignation coming from both sides. I find myself doing it, too. I’m trying to be conscious and self-aware. I’m trying to be grateful for those times when my own flaws and foibles come to the surface. But it ain’t always easy to admit to them. Ego does not like to be shown it’s wrong. 

I’m thinking we’re all dealing with our own nonsense – each and every one of us. Let’s give each other grace. We’re all in this together.
– Karen Molenaar Terrell

“Ignorance, subtlety, or false charity does not forever conceal error; evil will in time disclose and punish itself.”
– Mary Baker Eddy

“A sinner is not reformed merely by assuring him that he cannot be a sinner because there is no sin. To put down the claim of sin, you must detect it, remove the mask, point out the illusion, and thus get the victory over sin and so prove its unreality… A sinner is afraid to cast the first stone. He may say, as a subterfuge, that evil is unreal, but to know it, he must demonstrate his statement. To assume that there are no claims of evil and yet to indulge them, is a moral offence. Blindness and self-righteousness cling fast to iniquity.”
– Mary Baker Eddy

For there is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known.
– Matthew 10:26

4 thoughts on “Coming to the Surface to be Healed

  1. Hello Karen. I have not replied in awhile as I have been going through some hard times. My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after a routine screening she had to have , (she had no symptoms), and it has been a family nightmare as what to do as she has relied on Christian Science for 83 years and some of the family ( including me) want medical treatment for her. She has decided to be treated as she likes the oncologist she had to see and he found out she has the necessary markers in her blood to use the new imunotherapy drug KeyTruda. That is the drug that left Jimmy Carter cancer free. I did witness the cure of terminal , medically diagnosed cancer, personally, years back, but I feel like we should use any help that is available , as I don’t feel like most people are spiritually advanced enough to face an extreme event yet. Else why would people still be dying when the truth is that there is no such thing as Death? Oh well, that is just my mixed up Christian Science faith I guess. Well anyway, concerning your post, I think this is one of the most important things you have written on politics. I know you are from a very liberal area and it of course influences your political opionions ,as well as the fact that you are a very kind ,empathetic person. It is easy to see only one side. As you know of course , I am from a very Red state. People around here are furious over the impeachment . I am begining to be afraid for our country. But you did point out something I have witnessed myself. I stumbled upon a youtube channel( as I love youtube) and it was filled with such anti white bigotry that it left me astonished . Living in the Deep South and having a grandfather who was a business owner that actually helped the civil rights workers , I guess I never felt like I was a racist. But from what I have been seeing, all white people are, according to them, well maybe not white supremists but at least the benificiares of white priviledge. But who knows, even though I am Gay, I am not the steropical gay man as I know nothing about fashion and no one even kows I am gay if I don’t tell them(which I don’t) lol so I guess I might have straight white male priviledge . But I just wanted to say I think your approach is what the country needs . Not what I have been seeing. Take care! Love, Rick

    • Oh Rick – your message means so much to me! Thank you! And I’m so very sorry to hear about the challenge your mother is facing right now. My mother was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was 72. I told her I would support her in whatever she chose to do. She chose to get medical treatment. Her prognosis was 2 years. She lived 17 years beyond that. At least one of her doctors gave some credit to Christian Science for those extra years. No cancer was found in her at some point and she was told that cancer wasn’t going to kill her and she didn’t need to even think about that anymore.

      God isn’t concerned with what kind of treatment we choose to use – Love is going to remain unchanging Love, and Truth is going to remain unchanging Truth, no matter what form or method we use for physical healing. Truth doesn’t have an opinion on which form of treatment is best for treating disease – because Truth doesn’t know anything about disease, to begin with. Truth knows only perfection.

      My love to your mum and to you, dear friend. ❤

      • Your reply was exactly what I was expecting but I knew I needed to hear it from you. You are a good and decent person Karen Molenaar Terrell. Rick

  2. I happened to be watching a recent Democratic candidate debate, in which several of the candidates tasked Bernie Sanders for being so old, “the oldest on this stage”. And he quipped back at them, “And I’m white, too.” The joke fell flat in public, but I got it. Thanks for pointing out this reverse prejudice (against white people, especially males) which continues to make public dialog more difficult.

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