Update on the Intrepid Little Sunflower

You may remember the story about the intrepid little sunflower who was sawed in half by a slug earlier in the summer and grew new roots in a bottle. I transplanted her to a pot and put her out on the side of the house by her sister – where she’d originally been when she was attacked in the infamous Slug Wars. She thrived and grew out there and now she’s blooming!

Because she’s in a pot I was able to move her away from the dark background of the house for a photo of her in the sunlight. Check it out…

The Intrepid Little Sunflower is blooming!

Here’s a photo history of her journey…

2 thoughts on “Update on the Intrepid Little Sunflower

  1. Hello Karen, this is beautiful! I needed it tonight. We’ve got Hurricane Sally coming but I think we are just going to get a lot of rain here. I wish I could send some of this rain to where all the fires are in your neck of the woods. Love, Rick

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