Christian Science Treatment: She Said, “Of Course!”

Your request for prayerful support
was proof of God’s constant supply –
proof of Love giving all of us
what we need to soar and fly
and celebrate Life together.

You couldn’t have given her
a greater gift than to ask
for her help. She had a choice –
she could have said no;
she could have said her plate was full;
she could have told you she wasn’t ready;
she could have told you she was scared.
But instead she was just so glad you
reached out – she was so glad you shared
this opportunity with her.

And the moment she said, “Of course!” –
the moment she opened herself up
to the power of “The Force” –
she felt her heart flood
with joy and love
and she knew without doubt or fear
that you and she were in the middle
of a healing together –
right now, right here.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

A Christian Science treatment isn’t a one-way giving.
It’s sharing a feast together. It’s Love’s children celebrating
together on holy ground, unbound.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need.”
-Mary Baker Eddy

Trumpeter swans in flight over Skagit Valley, Washington. Photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell.

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