Remembering John “Peace Wizard” Bromet

I just learned that my friend, and peacenik extraordinaire, John Bromet, passed on yesterday. He made the world a better place every day that he was in it.

The last time I saw John was on January 13th. I’d taken a drive up to Concrete and came upon John waiting for a bus to take him to the courthouse for the weekly Friday noon vigil. He had his sign with him, of course. I got my sign “TRUTH JUSTICE KINDNESS” out of my car and joined him at the bus stop. It was so good to see him again. We chatted and laughed and sang a song while he waited for the bus. I’m so glad I ran into him that day.

Below, John at the Women’s March in 2017; John and I the last time we were together (January 13, 2023); and John and I in front of the Mount Vernon courthouse (November 22, 2019).

John “Peace Wizard” and I singing together in front of the Mount Vernon Courthouse.

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