Lesson from a Sunflower

Unobserved until today – never watered, never fed Miracle-Gro, never fussed over or tended – never nurtured by human hands at all – a sunflower has been growing under one of our cedar trees. How it got there I have no idea – probably sprouted up from a seed a bird dropped or something – but look how perfect it is! It just grew where it landed, and nothing could stop it from being what it was meant to be… 

There is a lesson there.



2 thoughts on “Lesson from a Sunflower

  1. What if I told you plants thrived long before human hands and miraclegro?

    What is the lesson for the millions of species that failed to find a niche in this world and became extinct?

    • Hah! Good point! 🙂 And I have not the answers you seek, I’m afraid. But I do have these sunflowers that I planted on the side of the house – and I’ve been busy tending them, watering them – one of ’em died, it’s been so dry here – fussing over them, removing the slugs from them, nurturing them – and I just had to laugh at my fussings when I saw this little sunflower growing where no one had planted it – fending for himself, as it were – and doing quite nicely without any help from me.

      And you’re right, of course – plants have thrived long before human hands and miraclgro. There’s really nothing more beautiful than a mountain meadow full of alpine flowers in August – and they’ve some how managed to do quite nicely without help from me, too. 🙂

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