“This Moment I Lived and Breathed and Loved and Was.”

This moment you’re living and breathing,
loving and wondering and being.
Take note of this.
Mark it on your calendar with a grateful kiss.
“This moment I lived and breathed and loved and was.”
I could.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

Lesson from a Sunflower

Unobserved until today – never watered, never fed Miracle-Gro,¬†never fussed over or tended – never nurtured by human hands at all – a sunflower has been growing under one of our cedar trees. How it got there I have no idea – probably¬†sprouted up from a seed a bird dropped or something – but look how perfect it is! It just grew where it landed, and nothing could stop it from being what it was meant to be…¬†

There is a lesson there.