Any words of encouragement you’d care to share at this time?

For a while now I’ve conceived of “God” as the collective consciousness of Good that we all share and express. I’ve come to trust in the power of that – in the power of our collective Love and Truth. I’ve felt that power lifting me up at times when I’ve been in deep sorrow and discouragement. I’ve been saved by that power – by the power of the collective Love. And when I’m feeling strong and brave I’ve tried to send that power back out – tried to do my part to overcome the darkness and discouragement and fear.

But tonight the words of encouragement aren’t coming to me. The inspiration seems to have disappeared. I see death, destruction, greed, selfishness, hatred, injustice, and cruelty in every corner of the world and  I’m feeling discouraged.

So I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing some encouraging thoughts with me? If you wouldn’t mind sending your inspiration my way? It would be ever so much appreciated.

Thank you.

Okay, so maybe the words aren’t coming tonight, but I think I can still find a picture to send out into the collective consciousness…. ah yes, here we are: Autumn on Lake Padden:


photo by Karen Molenaar terrell



6 thoughts on “Any words of encouragement you’d care to share at this time?

  1. (to be sung loudly, and slightly off-key b/c it is better that way) “The sun will come out tomorrow! You can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they’ll be sun!”

    Although right now it is hidden under a dense layer of fog and has been since I’ve woken up (2.5 hours ago… I was not an early riser by choice this morning)… eventually it’ll turn up, and until it does, that’s what coffee is for. Also, today is NOT Monday, which is a Good Thing.

      • and tomorrow is Monday, and there is no school, but the kids got a sandbox yesterday so I’m holding out hope it keeps them occupied for at least some of the day. Now I need to figure out how to rig some shade so when the sun does come out they don’t bake.

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