United for Kindness

One of our students was called a “nigger” in the Fred Meyer parking lot yesterday. This is not okay. I know my friends who are Republican do not like bigotry any more than I do. Whatever candidate you voted for – whatever party you align with – we need to come together right now and stand up for our brothers and sisters. We need to stand united for kindness.


3 thoughts on “United for Kindness

  1. They appear to be coming out en force. It’s as if there are no more rules. And it not just African-Americans. Heard a story locally about a man of Asian descent being yelled at while he pumped gas, and a young man of 17 of Mexican descent being told to be read to be deported soon. Wtf is going on?

    • I think people might feel that they have permission now to be mean and hateful. I think bigotry has now become “normalized” – at least in the minds of some folks. But I also believe that bigotry and hatred will self-destruct. There are a lot of really good people in the United States – and I’m counting on the good people to join together and do the right thing.

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