“These are the people who might save your life some day.”

Are you all seeing the images coming out of Texas? Blacks helping whites, whites helping blacks, puppies and children being cradled in the arms of heroes above the flood waters. It’s time to put away those Confederate flags and KKK hoods and move on already. Rejoice in your neighbors – whatever color skin they have, whatever their gender or sexual orientation or religion or non-religion. These are the people who might save your life some day. Amen and amen.

“And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.”
– I Kings 19

God is Love. – I John 4



11 thoughts on ““These are the people who might save your life some day.”

    • Hi, Club – well, you appear to have my God confused with another god. My God is Love. My God is the still, small voice that comes AFTER the earthquake, wind, and fire. My God is the power of Love seen in people helping each other.

      I believe God is the power of Good – the power of Life, Truth, and Love. I believe hatred, fear, bigotry, jealousy, war, greed, etc. have no source or power of their own – they are just the absence of God – in the same way that darkness is just the absence of light and has no source – you can’t turn it on with a switch or anything – but you can make it vanish by bringing in the light. Truth isn’t responsible for ignorance and dishonesty, but when it’s revealed, it destroys ignorance and dishonesty. Love isn’t responsible for hate, but it overcomes hate. The God I believe in – the power of Good – isn’t responsible for evil, but I believe that when we learn to align our thoughts with this power we can overcome evil.

      To assume that all theists believe in the same god, and have the same feelings, beliefs, and thoughts about stuff is to resort to generalizations and stereotypes. It is, to my way of thinking, a lazy way of looking at the world.. It would be like saying the only true atheist is an arrogant hater, and any other kind of atheist isn’t a real atheist. It smacks of a kind of bigotry. In my opinion.

      • Karen,
        no one cares what your opinion is. I only care what you can support with evidence. You have made baseless claims and pointing them out is not bigotry, it is showing that your claims are no more true than those of any Catholic, evangelical Christian, Reiki practitioner etc. Let’s look at what bigotry actually means: obstinate or intolerant devotion to one’s own opinions and prejudices.” Now, I have repeatedly asked you to support your claims, and you have not. So, what is your argument that I should believe you without reservation and not request evidence as you would demand from others you don’t believe? In that I have asked for evidence and have not blindly said you were wrong, I am not obstinately or intolerantly sticking to my beliefs. I want to see what you have before I render a decision.

        You have again attempted to reinvent your god since you intentionally ignore the parts in the bible where this god is anything but a “still small voice”. Why would you try to ignore them when you should know that I have read the bible and know when you are trying to intentionally spread falsehoods about it? It’s interesting that you intentionally ignore what Ms. Eddy said in order to invent your own religion so you don’t actually have to heal people as she claimed she could.
        People often help each other and surprise, no god is needed. Of course, you may be trying the tired old theist claim that everyone really and truly does agree with you, trying to tell yet another falsehood about others. Again, Ms. Eddy claimed healing by following her methods, not just people helping other people.

        Your god, since you do claim to be a Christian and follow Jesus Christ and his bible, is a god of war, fear, genocide and greed when one actually reads the bible (I’ve read it as a believer and a non-believer). It commands war, it commands genocide, it demands gold and silver, fine red hides and taking the land of other people. The idea of hell is nothing more than fear used to command obediance. You also now disagree with other Christians who really want to blame war, etc on Satan. Now which version of Christianity should I believe in, Karen, when all of you have no more evidence than the next?

        So, you claim you can “bring in the light”. Okay do so. Heal people like Ms. Eddy claimed you could. You claim you can overcome evil, and your religion claims that illness is just an illusion. So do what your religion promises.

        Since, I *haven’t* assumed that all theists believe in the same god and have the same feelings, beliefs and thoughts about stuff, your claims about me being supposedly “lazy” are only lies invented to make yourself feel better. But please, if you want to make accusations, do include where I’ve said anything of the sort. I’d be happy to apologize if you can support your claims. If not, all we have again is false claim by a self-proclaimed Christian Scientist. Nice attempt to call me a hater too. Of course, you’ll try to claim you didn’t and just were making a “for instance”. We both know better than that, don’t we?

      • So here’s the deal, Club – the instances of healing I shared with you – the melanoma, the marker in my blood for RA, the mastoiditus, the birth of my son – I shared these in particular because these were all witnessed by medical professionals. You can believe these experiences or you can choose not to believe these experiences. It is no skin off my nose either way. I, of course, believe them – because I am the one who experienced them.

        But when you’re in dialogue with a person who doesn’t believe you, refuses to acknowledge your experiences, discounts the things you witnessed first-hand – it seems pointless and a waste of time to continue the dialogue. I understand that I’m presenting you with things that, from your life experience, must be really hard to fathom. This doesn’t make me feel superior to you in any way – we’re just looking at something from two very different perspectives. It happens sometimes.

        I think if you re-read my comment to you, you’ll see that I did not call you a hater. I said that to say all atheists are arrogant haters would be an example of bigotry. I said that to make generalizations and stereotype whole groups of people is a lazy way of looking at the world, in my opinion. I did not say you were guilty of this. I leave that to you to determine for yourself.

      • No, Karen, you thought I would believe in your claims without evidence, and if you had read my post, you would have known that this wasn’t going to happen. I have asked for evidence and again, you refuse to provide it and evidently have no evidence at all.

        You now retreat in trying to make it my problem to believe them or not to, when it is not my problem at all. You made the positive claim, and now it is up to you to support your claim. It is no surprise that you want to make a claim and then not be held responsible for it. You have shown that there is no reason to believe you, despite your claims that you are telling the truth.

        I don’t believe you because you have given me no reason to. It is your failing, not mine. Why should I acknowledge something that has no evidence, Karen? Just because you want me to so you can feel better? I will not do that, but I will offer you the chance to support your claims. It is your choice to refuse. I can say that I witnessed first hand that aliens landed in my backyard and gave me the cure for cancer. Now, do you believe me without reservation? Why or why not? I will guess you will not answer because you know it will destroy your claims of martyrdom.

        You present me with anecdotes and there is no reason to think I should be able to “fathom” them any more than the claims you disbelieve yourself. There is no “different perspectives” when you claim something has happened and then refuse to support your own claims, Karen. There is no controversy when one side fails to show that their claims are true.

        I have read your post and it is no surprise that you think you can claim that it is my supposed misunderstanding that shows you have made attacks against me. That is no surprise since theists have tried that trick before, hiding an insult in what they try to claim is just an general comment. Funny how you wouldn’t have needed to make that comment at all and still get your point across. There is little reason to believe someone who has falsely claimed others to be bigots when she has been asked to support her claims.

      • again, what’s your god doing for anyone? Those poor people who were rescuing people and died from electrocution from their boat losing power and hitting live wires? The mother who drowned and her child was still clinging to her? Per your religion, your god directly intervenes, no people needed. Evidence please. Or explain why this god does nothing and evidently has to resort to the actions of mortals who don’t believe in your version of it?

      • Again, you have a very different concept of God from my concept of God. Please read my initial reply.
        Here’s the best description of the God I worship that I have ever found – it’s Nando Parrado’s description in *Miracle in the Andes: 72 Days on the Mountains and My Long Trek Home*:
        “…I did not feel God as most people see Him. I did feel something larger than myself, something in the mountains and the glaciers and the glowing sky that, in rare moments, reassured me, and made me feel that the world was orderly and loving and good… It was simply a silence, a wholeness, an awe-inspiring simplicity. It seemed to reach me through my own feelings of love, and I have often thought that when we feel what we call love, we are really feeling our connection to this awesome presence… It wasn’t cleverness or courage or any kind of competence or savvy that saved us, it was nothing more than love, our love for each other, for our families, for the lives we wanted so desperately to live.”

      • you’ve invented a new god and a new version of your religion, Karen. This is nothing new at all, since Christians always make their god into their own image and continue to alter it when the claims of the bible fail. Christians have continually made their god vaguer and vaguer since its miracles never happen as claimed in the bible, so they must find a god that plays hide-n-seek so they don’t have to admit it doesn’t exist at all. Karen Armstrong is notorious for this, insisting this god has now magically become only a “Ground of being”.

        You do nothing new, Karen. You want your god so you can feel special but you don’t want to have to deal with a vicious genocidal god that your Jesus Christ came from and insisted that everyone follow all of those inconvenient laws that this god made. The earth and heavens are still here and JC said that those laws have to be followed until they go away. But killing someone for working on a Sabbath and murdering adulterers and homosexuals is rather inconvenient for a modern western woman who is liberal.

        Now, as for that book, it’s just the same story as “Alive” and it wasn’t “Love” that saved these people, it was cannibalism and a long hard walk down the mountain. People who survived the plane crash died later from cold and injuries and surprise, your god was no where to be found. Love doesn’t help internal bleeding and starvation.

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