The Power to Transform the World

My dear Humoristian hooligans,

I’ve found that just when I’m feeling the most discouraged, the most battle-weary, the most ready to slip into morosity (I’m pretty sure that’s a word, right?) something or someone will suddenly appear to remind me that the world is still full of magic and beauty. Yesterday it was snow geese, trumpeter swans, a reflection in a flooded field, and a son appearing unexpectedly at the door with a grin on his face and a caring heart. Today it was a drive I hadn’t been planning to take with Dad. And some days it’s YOU. Yes, YOU. I wonder if you realize all the times a kind word or a moment of shared laughter has brought me back from the brink. There is such power in kindness. There is such power in a loving gesture. You have the power to transform the world.

May your kindness reach the desolate and lonely; May your sense of humor light on those in desperate need of a good laugh; May your good-natured love of life transform the stodgy, stingy, and stuffy.


Mount Baker, a Red Barn, and a Reflection

Mount Baker reflected in a flooded field in Bow, Washington. (photo by Karen Molenaar Terrell)

10 thoughts on “The Power to Transform the World

  1. Well said! While there are many things that make us want to throw in the towel, there are exponentially more that make us want throw that towel to the ground and get on with living, on our terms! Here’s to living! 🍻

  2. Hey Karen, your prayer was appreciated on this rainy chilly day ! I have been a little down in the dumps with all my Doug Jones for Senate work with it looking like Jones might actually pull it off and now watching Roy Moore rising in the polls. I know that most of the people I know in Alabama are good people so it bothers me that they can support Moore. It really jades me and I have been looking at them in a different light and I don’t like that. I keep telling myself that they just don’t really believe all the allegations against him , which I can understand as he is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty , but all the things he says about the LGBT community is enough for me not to support him but I guess they see those things differently and they are influenced by their Evangelical Church beliefs. The Christian Science Church used to be somewhat anti LGBT back in the day but I never saw it to the extent I see it in some of the churches around here. I know from reading the Liberal blogs and watching liberal Youtube news that the rest of the country is really looking at this election and wondering what in the world is wrong with Alabama and when Moore wins they will have a field day with how backward we all are but they will not know about all the good ,dedicated people here working against that outcome. Well , I felt the need to vent tonight! LOL, PS I loved the photo and I thought it was great that Mt Baker was photographed from Bow Washington . Wasn’t Mary Baker from Bow New Hampshire?!! Take care, Rick

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