Waving to the Amtrak

Scenes from Bellingham Bay

Okay, this tickles me: Whenever an Amtrak train goes zipping by I just gotta wave. I cannot help myself. So the other night Andrew takes the family out to dinner (it’s his Christmas gift to us) – and we’re all sitting there (Scott, Xander, Andrew, and Andrew’s girlfriend, Sierra) and Sierra and Andrew start talking about a trip they took on the Amtrak to Vancouver last weekend. And (this is the part that has me cracking up) apparently as their train went cruising by Bellingham Bay last weekend they saw me down on the boardwalk waving up at the cars. “Look!” Sierra said to Andrew as their train rumbled passed, “There’s your mom!” Hahhahahar!  Ain’t life fun?!

(I happened to take a photo of the train that day – little did I know my son and his girlfriend were on there.)

Amtrack train

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2 thoughts on “Waving to the Amtrak

  1. Hey Karen, I loved this! It reminds me of when I was a kid, the train track ran right through this pasture near our house where I spent a lot of time . I liked being out there with the cows and I would swim in the creek that the railway bridge crossed, and back then Amtrak ran a line to Miami that went through there and when it would go by each afternoon I would stand and wave and I always wondered if I would be one of the things they remembered about middle of nowhere Alabama as they flew through on the way to their vacations in Miami! Rick

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