Homesick for a Place That No Longer Exists

Today I felt an urge to drive to the old homestead
in Port Orchard and surprise the folks with a visit.
I imagined
the smile on Moz’s face when she saw me
walk in the door.
I imagined
Dad scaling the stairs to greet me.
I imagined
taking a walk through the woods to the creek,
looking for new spring buds on the alders,
and squirrels scrambling through the cedars.

Feeling homesick
for a place that no longer exists
– Karen Molenaar Terrell


4 thoughts on “Homesick for a Place That No Longer Exists

  1. Yes, it does still exist in your thought – safe and secure and not alterable by time or circumstance. I often go back to places I loved as a child and relive the happy memories. They are yours to enjoy and bring a smile on recollection – I am learning to not let them make me sad but grateful that I still have them and they are mine alone to enjoy and be grateful for. Thanks Karen for these blogs – they are uplifting and encouraging in these times of forecasts of doom and gloom – Good will win out and we must believe that we all will be stronger.

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