Love Is Still Here

Love Is Still Here

The fourth Thanksgiving
without Moz at our table,
the first without Dad and
the first without a turkey –
we went vegan this year.
We forged ahead, making
it up as we went – creating
new traditions: a yellow
and red pepper dish; a bowl
of mushrooms sauteed
in olive oil – which we used
as our gravy on the mashed
potatoes; Broccoli steamed
to a brilliant green; and orange
squash made for a colorful plate.
I was yearning for something
old to bring to the feast –
something from the past –
and remembered Aunt Junie’s
dishes with the blue flowers
around the outside. Scott
reached up and pulled them
from the top shelf for me
and put them on the table.
Much looks different this year.
But this hasn’t changed:
Love is still here.
-Karen Molenaar Terrell

2 thoughts on “Love Is Still Here

  1. Hello there! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Have you gone vegan full time or was it just for Thanksgiving dinner? I am vegetarian and have been for many years ,way before I had even heard of or knew what a vegan was. I am what they call a lacto vegetarian ( I think ) as I do eat cheese and eggs at times but I am trying to limit the dairy for the most part now. I have been enjoying your post . You may not always hear from me but I read every one! Rick

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